Five Resolutions to Make In 2017 If You’re A Mom

2016 has been intense. We’ve had large and small public tragedies.  Many of our favorite celebrities have died. Trump happened. It’s been a rough ride, friends.

But 2017 is just around the corner and with it we all get a fresh start. And that means it’s resolution time. So get out a pen and paper because we are going to make a list together! But not the same old list of ‘be a better person’ or ‘drink less wine’. This year, let’s do things differently.


1. Love your mom bod. But, like really though.

Body positive messaging is the one trend from 2016 that needs to stay. While everyone around is you are making resolutions to lose weight and start rigid workout routines, I want you to commit to loving your body. Just as it is.  You are too smart, too interesting, and too talented for diets. So resolve to eat what you want, move your body for fun, and wear whatever makes you feel hot and awesome.

My 2017 commitment: 1) Dance all the time. 2) Never again eat raw kale.


2. Increase kindness everywhere you go.

Let’s shower 2017 with kindness like it’s our job. In the same way Oprah throws down free gifts for everyone she meets, commit to throwing out kindness to everyone around you. Toss some extra kindness towards your children. And your partner too. Maybe even extend kindness to your ex-partner. Then take it next level and find some kindness for that barista who always spells your name wrong. Most importantly, be kinder to yourself than you ever have before.

My 2017 commitment: 1) When I feel irritated, grumpy, or like my family deserves the middle finger, I will ask myself “what is the kind response to this situation”? 2) Do that.


3. Have more sex.  

More sex in 2017?  Yes please!  Sex is not only fun, it is also awesome for your health. It boosts your mood, strengthens your immune system, reduces pain, is good for your heart – it even improves women’s bladder control, which is something most of us need a little more of after children. So have more sex with a partner. Have waaay more sex alone. And maybe even finally do that thing you always wanted to but were too afraid to ask.

My 2017 commitment: My partner says I’m not allowed to say this on the internet.


4. Speak up. Even when it’s hard.  

Can we have a moment to honor how hard it is to be authentic when you are a people pleaser? This means saying no when you mean no – even when it’s hard.  It also means saying yes when you mean yes – even when it’s harder. Speaking truth is great because it allows you to deeply understand what it is that you really want (instead of trying to figure out how to get everyone around you what they want).  So commit to speaking up this year. It’s an easy way to bring more joy into your life by setting boundaries and trying something new.

My 2017 commitment: To say what I mean without apologizing for making people uncomfortable.


5. Do something scary.

Make this the year of being brave and resolve to tackle one scary thing from your bucket list. Always wanted to go back to school? Do it. Want to hire a babysitter so you can get some time to yourself? Hells yes to that!  Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a community action organization. Start looking into that today. Ask yourself what you want to be different this year, then muster the courage to do it.

My 2017 commitment: I just signed up for a ten-day silent meditation retreat in April. Biggest challenge of my life (with plenty more to come on that topic).


How is that list looking? I’d love to hear what you are going to tackle this year. Please share in the comments and let’s resolve to make 2017 kick ass.


Olivia Scobie, M.A., ACC, CPCC, MSP
Family Coach/Counselor
[email protected]

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