Let’s sleep together!


Okay, okay, settle down. I mean sleep sleep.  Like, all night long sleep. Like, no more insomnia sleep.

I’m not a good sleeper. My battle with sleeplessness began after the birth of my first child, but that was mostly because he didn’t sleep. After my second child, the problem escalated rapidly, only this time it wasn’t because the baby didn’t sleep, it was because my anxiety was preventing me from sleeping. You can read more about that here. 

The challenge is that I want to be a good sleeper. I am super jealous every night when my spouse goes to bed at 10:00pm and then magically wakes up at 6:00am like it’s no big deal.  After trying supplements, and sleeping pills, and every guided sleep meditation you can think of, I just sort of gave in to the fact that I was a tired, sleepless person.

But then along can Judith Mendoza of A Good Sleep. I heard about Judith through a friend when she was advertising a workshop for anxious parents struggling with insomnia, which I attended last weekend. Friends, I’m happy to say that I have sleep hope again. Judith set the record straight about many common sleep misconceptions, outlined a plan for recovery and provided new strategies for managing mid-night anxiety.

Because she is awesome, Judith has agreed to share some of her knowledge with us in an upcoming guest blog post so you can do it too! So what do you say, friends?  Should we all sleep together?

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