New Parent Problems? Tips to get you through

New Parent Problems? Try This…
“I’m so tired I might be a zombie.” Tear up your to-do list and give in to the fatigue. Forget the dishes and don’t return phone calls or texts.  Pizza delivery was made for days like this.


“The baby won’t stop crying… and now I can’t stop crying.” Go ahead and cry! Try saying the emotion that you are feeling out loud.  (“Sad.” “Angry.” “Lonely.”) You don’t need to judge or change the emotion. Just name it and sit with it for a while. It will pass.


“The laundry pile is so big I think something is living in it.” When you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to your community!  Friends and family often just need a little guidance to know how to help you best.


“I haven’t showered in eight days.” If you can’t get a few minutes alone, have a bath party for two. Run a bath.  Get undressed.  Bring the baby.  Play with bubbles.

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Olivia Scobie, M.A., ACC, CPCC, MSP
Family Coach/Counselor
[email protected]

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