Warrior Mom Conference: Day One

Greetings from Atlanta!  I actually got in last night and meant to write a post, but there was an unofficial meet and greet with the other conference attendees and I needed to focus on being a normal, regular person, which took all my energy. Even with effort, this is the best normal, regular person face I could come up with.


Somehow, even with this face, I still managed to meet a whole big bunch of people. And while I am not exactly an introvert, having the same conversation of “Where are you from? Is this your first time here? How old are your kids?” twenty. times. in. a. row. can really wear you down.

I then had to do it all over again today.

So, I escaped this afternoon so that I could have some alone time and eat ice cream in my underpants. I felt the judgment from the CVS cashier as I made this purchase on my walk back to my rental apartment, but I stared him down until HE was uncomfortable.


Then when I got back to the Airbnb refrigerator to put the ice cream away, I found this!  I think the last renters forgot to take their booze home, but it took it as a sign that I should have a party for one. So I did.


Ok, enough of that. I promised to share what I am learning with you. Although I am having trouble focussing on the research presented at the conference because I HAVE A GIANT PRESENTATION TOMORROW, I did learn two new things:

  1. If a baby’s primary parent is living with a mood disorder, there is a 50% chance that their partner (if they have one) is also living with a mood disorder.  I also learned that these studies  only looked at fathers, which both bemused and irritated this queer little researcher. Get it together, researchers. It’s 2016.
  2. I also heard this: “It’s hard to recover from the failure of a dream when you’re just trying to survive a reality you didn’t ask for”. A little something for y’all to chew on.

Speaking anxiety update: I have an idea. I am going to wear my reading glasses tomorrow so that I can fake eye contact with the audience.  If I look someone in the eye, which my book on TedTalks says I am supposed to, for sure I will forget everything I have ever known. But with the glasses on, they can see me looking at them, but I can only see blurry outlines because these glasses make anything that is more than a few inches from my face all fuzzy. Aren’t they great!? Why isn’t that tip in my TedTalk book, huh?


Okay,okay. Time to adult. I have a banquet dinner that started fifteen minutes ago and I need to pretty myself up a bit before heading back to the hotel. Wish me luck because this is my current status:


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